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We are a contract research, development and manufacturing company specialising in lateral flow technology and many other forms of rapid in vitro diagnostics.

We operate out of the UK and have customers worldwide.


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Most of our customers contact us when:

  • they've got an idea for developing a new lateral flow assay

  • want to improve an existing assay

  • are looking for an alternative rapid in vitro diagnostic assay

  • have materials that need testing and validating

If this sounds familiar. A 5-minute online meeting could be all it takes to see if we can deliver your idea, concept or existing assay to the next level.

We're friendly, helpful and only interested in finding out if our services match your needs. No obligations, no hard selling.


Just drop us an email, tell us when you're free - and we'll set up a call. 

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If you're just browsing, you're very welcome, Thanks for taking some time to find out more about us.

Browse away. If there's anything that you'd like more information about, please get in touch.

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