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We respect your rights regarding data and privacy. Feel free to get in touch if you need more information, but the following 6 points summarise the way that we store, manage and use customer data.

  1. We aim to comply with the guidance and regulations laid out by the UK’s Information Commissioners Office, UK GDPR and EU GDPR.

  2. We collect and store data that we need to communicate with you effectively. We may also collect and store demographics so that we have a better understanding of your business.

  3. Your anonymised data may be aggregated for standard internal business analysis purposes.

  4. We don’t sell data, or share it with third party organisations unless they are specifically contracted to communicate with you on our behalf.

  5. Customer data is stored securely and we have access and user protocols in place.

  6. We won’t store your data for any longer than necessary and we will honour any request to unsubscribe or delete data.

If you wish to contact us about any data issue, please email and we’ll deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Privacy & Data Policy (Summary)

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