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Contract R&D and Manufacturing
- Testing - Developing

Our work is focused on contract research, development and manufacture across all areas of rapid in vitro diagnostics. We are helping to expand the industry by increasing the number of conditions that can be accurately tested - and the variety of environments where they are practically useful. Take a look at some of our case studies and developed assays on our resources page.

If you need specialist test facilities, problems solving, manufacturing capabilities, expert advice - we (or partners in our collaborative network) can provide you with the best of everything. In fact, if you need any support in the field of in vitro diagnostics, contact us. We're a friendly team and great at what we do.


Standard IVD formats
- lateral flow

We get you through the complex development stages of creating, improving and independently testing lateral flow technologies.

We have the facilities and quality assurances to manufacture lateral flow tests to provide

  • Prototype Testing

  • Small-scale Manufacturing

  • Batch Production

If you need large scale manufacturing, we have some first-class partners to fulfil orders up to 1.6 million units per day





Our specialisms extend into other formats of in vitro diagnostics. We also develop immunoassay platforms using:

  • Para-magnetic particles

  • Electrochemical technology

  • Electroanalysis

  • Fluidic systems

Additional IVD Formats

Supplementary Services

  • Test readers

  • App development for reading and recording

  • Quality standards consultancy

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