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Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing

Creating - Innovating - Testing - Developing - Delivering

We are pioneers in lateral flow assay development work as well as other IVD formats - some of which, we've invented.


We also have in-house manufacturing facilities to expand our range of services and our collaborative network enables us to focus on our key strengths whilst offering a huge range of solutions to the highest standards.


Take a look at some of our case studies and developed assays on our resources page.

If you need a new assay, have assays that need improving, materials that need testing, a new assay format, technology transfer guidance, batch manufacture, test reader development or an app to complement your assays - talk to us. We're friendly, professional and proved our reputation as the 'go to' team for in vitro diagnostics R&D.

lateral flow assay development

Lateral Flow Assay Development

We are specialists  in helping you through the complex development stages of creating, improving and independently testing lateral flow technologies.

We're always looking to produce market leading technology and our pioneering spirit means that we're not afraid to develop new or unconventional solutions.


We're making significant progress in areas such as positive-read small molecule assays and we've conducted ground-breaking work in paper-based assay development.

  • New Assay Development

  • Assay Optimisation

  • Assay Validation

  • Materials Testing

See our Developed Assay list.



We have the facilities and quality assurances to manufacture lateral flow tests to provide

  • Prototype Testing

  • Small-scale Manufacturing

  • Batch Production

With our plotters, cutters, dryers, cassette assembly and packaging machines, 3D printers and labelling machines - we can fulfil most one-off or regular production runs - all in-house.


If we can't meet your production requirements in terms of volume or unique specifications, we have first-class partners dedicated to IVD manufacturing who have the capacity to fulfil specialist orders of up to 1.6 million units per day.

lateral flow manufacturing unit
lateral flow device manufacture
lateral flow assay plotter

Additional IVD Formats

We develop the best possible solutions to suit your needs and not all assays are suited to lateral flow formats. We have delivered some exceptional results using other immunoassay platforms, such as:


  • PCR

  • LAMP

  • Para-magnetic particles

  • Electrochemical technology

  • Electroanalysis - see case study

  • Fluidic systems

Supplementary Services

We know the full range of products and services associated with IVD technology.


Sometimes, an assay needs a sophisticated optical reader, or an app for reading and recording test results. Many companies need end-to-end services, everything from proof of concept, through to manufacturing an end product. Others just need advice and guidance to help them on their own assay development journey.

Whatever you need, call or email to discuss your requirements. If there's a solution, we either know it, or we'll find it.

  • Optical test reader development

  • Sampler design and development

  • App development for reading and recording - through sister company RAPAPPS

  • Assay development consultancy

  • Quality standards consultancy

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