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Our Story

RAPIvD was established in 2018 by Dr Robert Porter to provide world-class contract research, development and manufacturing services to the fast-growing in vitro diagnostics (IVD) sector.


With more than 3o years of experience in this specialist field, Rob had the knowledge and network to provide customers with the expertise and facilities required to help them advance their lateral flow and other IVD devices.

The covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the value of large-scale, low-cost, convenient and accurate point-of-care diagnostic tests. The increased awareness of the technology accelerated the growing interest in its capabilities 


The team at RAPIvD continues to expand, as does its facilities. The company is small enough to remain agile and large enough to provide exceptional services in this specialised field.

Dr Robert Porter

Our Purpose

We find new and better ways to detect target analytes by helping to make lateral flow and other IVD technology:

  • easier, quicker and more convenient to use

  • more accurate

  • kinder to the planet

  • more affordable.

Our Values

We have three core values that guide our work practices, recruitment and the interactions with our customers.

  • Knowledge: Our knowledge is our biggest asset, and we pride ourselves on our experience, expertise and a relentless thirst for progress in our field.

  • Quality: Our standards are extremely high… and we’re always looking for improvements.

  • Integrity: We aim to lead and never to deliberately mis-lead. Ethical and moral robustness is embedded in our culture.

Our Team

Lateral flow expert, Dr Robert Porter

Dr Robert Porter (Rob)
Founder, CEO

PhD, Chemistry & Immunodiagnostics

MPhil, Chemistry

BSc, Chemistry


University of Wales, Swansea

Dr Tina Hurst RAPIvD

Dr Tina Hurst RNutr. MICRv

PhD, Exercise & Nutrition Immunology,

MSc, Environmental Analysis & Health

BSc, Microbiology


Loughborough University; University of Wales, Swansea

Leanne Walker RAPIvD

Leanne Walker
Research Manager

MSc, Chemical Research (Biological Chemistry)

BSc, Chemistry


University of Leicester

Bella Howard RAPIvD

Bella Howard
Research Scientist

BSc, Biological Sciences


University of Reading

Leah Richards RAPIvD
King of Weirdos

Leah Richards
Research Scientist


BSc. Psychology


University of Hertfordshire

Elysia Cartwright

Elysia Cartwright
Research Scientist


BSc. Biochemistry & Genetics


Swansea University

Chloe Armitage

Chloë Armitage
Laboratory Technician


BSc. Biological Sciences 


Oxford Brookes University

Katy Kendrick_RAPIvD

Katy Kendrick
Quality Manager & Office Manager

internal auditor practitioner
Howard Sheppard RAPIvD

Howard Sheppard
Head of Finance


Qualified Accountant

Richard Wightman RAPIvD

Richard Wightman
Head of Marketing & Communications


BA Politics

University of Wales, Swansea

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