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Patent breakthrough for reusable pregnancy test device

19 Oct 2023

Pharmista Technologies, has announced that the European Patent Organisation (EPO) has approved their European patent application for "A REUSABLE TEST DEVICE"

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Patent breakthrough for reusable pregnancy test device



Home diagnostics specialist, Pharmista Technologies, is delighted to announce that the EPO (European Patent Organisation) has approved their European patent application for "A REUSABLE TEST DEVICE", following their successful PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application.


The recognition from the EPO signifies a breakthrough achievement in the field of reusable in vitro diagnostics and underscores the novelty of Pharmista’s reusable platform technology. Moreover, it enables Pharmista to file for a Unitary Patent in Europe, which allows the company to protect their innovation in 17 European countries using their already approved EPO application.


Pharmista CEO, Alice Mattsson, said. “We are pleased with the positive statement by the EPO just three months after our PCT application was declared patentable. This reinforces our innovative approach to detecting biomarkers. Pregnancy testing is the launchpad for our technology platform and we will be developing it in other areas. We are aiming to make several single-use diagnostic tests redundant in the next decade”.


The company will continue to benefit from collaborations with SureCapture Technologies, led by one of the leading authorities in MIPs development. Prof. Börje Sellergren and RAPIvD, a pioneering company led by Dr Robert Porter, a world leader in rapid IVD research & development.


Pharmista’s reusable pregnancy testing prototype is expected to be finalised in Q4 2024 when it will showcase the accuracy and reusability of the test. Thereafter, Pharmista is interested in entering into commercial partnerships with global companies who share their passion and vision for the technology and rapid diagnostics industry.







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