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In addition to the bright visual-read colour range, Stream Bio also produce a number of CPNs that are visible in the near infra-red. This ability opens even more potential applications and range sensitivity for lateral flow technology.


The Stream Bio website contains more information about their technology, product range, case studies and product performance.


Contact them (or us) for more details.

We work with... Stream Bio

We first worked with the team at Stream Bio in 2020 and we’ve been working closely with them ever since.


Their diagnostics division produces Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs). These are highly sensitive and immensely bright, covering a range of fluorescing colours in the visible and near infra-red spectrum.


The CPNs are an alternative to traditional conjugates in lateral flow devices and they excel where there are Limit of Detection (LoD) challenges and when detecting multiple antigens on a single strip (multiplexing).


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Stream Bio Ltd
Alderley Park
Nether Alderley
SK10 4TG
United Kingdom

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