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We work with... ReadyGo™

We’re really pleased to have supported and contributed towards ReadyGo’s success. They are helping to advance the diagnostics sector by improving usability. accuracy and affordability. Their product range currently includes a single-step sampler, an at-home test kit, a mobile test system for small laboratories, pharmacies and field testing and an assay development platform.


Our main contribution was to stress-test and improve every element in their Sampler product. The finished product allows the assay provider to pre-fill the sampler with precisely the correct amount of buffer solution. This means that the user only has to collect their sample on the swab at the nib end, snap the valve in the middle and finally squeeze the buffer solution through the nib, straight into the sample well on the diagnostic device.

The product simplifies the process of collecting and depositing a sample. Users don’t have to fiddle with dropper bottles, lids, running buffer and swabs, making sure that nothing spills or gets contaminated whilst simultaneously collecting bodily fluids. Nor do they have to worry about whether they have deposited the correct number of drops into the sample well.


The Sampler is easy to use, reduces waste and improves accuracy. It’s a product that we’re happy to recommend, from a company who we’re happy to partner with.


The ReadyGo™ website contains more information about the company, its people and their products.


Contact them (or us) for more details.


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