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We work with... JEMMDx

JEMMDx is a welcome newcomer to our collaborative network. They are a clinical, regulatory and medical affairs consultancy uniquely focused on enabling commercialisation of patient-centric diagnostics:  point-of-care tests, consumer diagnostics and FemTech. They help companies to navigate the commercial, clinical and regulatory requirements of getting diagnostic products from concept to market.


Jayne and Marcia each have over 25 years of experience working for some of the biggest names in the healthcare and diagnostics industry. They have been responsible for more than 20 product launches, taking products on a journey from the earliest stages of product strategy, through to product sales.

If you’re looking for expert guidance, advice and support at any (or every) stage of your product’s journey to market, we’d recommend talking to JEMMDx.


The JEMMDx website contains more information about the company, its people and their full range of services.


Contact them (or us) for more details.


Contact: JEMMDx







United Kingdom

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