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RAPIvD - Innovating, testing and developing

Our work is focused on contract research, development and manufacture across all areas of rapid in vitro diagnostics. We are helping to expand the industry by increasing the number of conditions that can be accurately tested - and the variety of environments where they are practically useful.

Standard IVD formats - lateral flow & ELISA


We get you through the complex development stages of creating, improving and independently testing lateral flow technologies.

• New Assay Development

• Assay Improvements

• Materials Testing


We have a collaboration partner who offers Bio-dot 'reel-to-reel' facilities to mass-produce your lateral flow tests.

This allows us to offer the complete journey from product concept through to full ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing.


We can develop cost-effective, quantitative optical lateral flow monitors, This enables quantitative assays to be developed rapidly.

  • Capable of reading multiple analyte test lines

  • Customisable GUI interface and algorithms

  • Recognise up to 99 types of test strips

  • Store 1000 data points

  • Height: 9cm Length: 11cm Width: 6cm


We have a bespoke, patent granted, qualitative or quantitative lateral flow strip reader that can read up to four lines in either a semi-reusable or disposable format.

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